Hi! And welcome to the website of Zonorian!

About the game

Zonorian is a 2D online multiplayer RPG. The game is full of cool items, dungeons and other places to explore. Play alone, or play with friends! You can even steal stuff from other players! (fair warning: you might end up in jail though)

I have been working on this game forever. I actually created the first version of the game about 10 years ago, inspired by a game called Dransik, which was a lot of fun and actually is still online to this day. After a while, other things got in the way, and I sort of abandoned the game. Over the years I've restarted and abandoned the project many times, but this latest version seems to be the best one yet! I guess redoing something a couple of times teaches you a thing or two.

Anyway, since Zonorian is my hobby project, the amount of time I can spend on it is limited. Nevertheless, I want to make this into the best game that I can, and for that I need your help! The best way of making a game like this fun, is by playing the heck out of it! Visit the downloads page to get started! If you are just looking for some pretty pictures, check the screenshots page for some sneak previews of the current version of the game.

Be sure to check out Zonorian's facebook page, I use it for posting development updates and other interesting stuff!

I'll see you in game!