Getting started guide


Goals of the game

So you’ve decided to give the game a go? That is so cool! Thanks! In this section I’ll describe the basic mechanics of the game, this should hopefully get you up and running in no time.

For starters, what is the actual point of the game? I don’t think there’s a single answer on this question. Zonorian has been designed as an open-ended game and there is no real end-goal. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything to do around here, of course there is! These are some of the fun things that you can do:

I can go on and on, but I suggest just diving in. You will soon see all that the game has to offer!

Character creation

This is where the life of your digital alter-ego starts. The choices you make here are purely aesthetical. You can choose your name and an appearance. You don’t have to worry about stats at this point quite yet.


Moving around the world is easy, use the W, S, A and D buttons as your arrow keys.

Character details

The game should start up with the character details window open, if you can’t find it you can open it using the Tab key.

The character details screen displays important information about your character. Here you can see the items you currently have equipped, as well as your level and a number of stats.

You should find that you have 10 stat point to distribute. You can allocate these points in whatever way you like, giving you endless different character builds. Each new overall level that you reach will give you another 5 stat points. This is what the various stats do:

Influences the amount of damage you do with most melee weapons. Each strength point will also raise your max HP with 2 points.

Influences the amount of damage you do with bows and daggers. A higher agility level will also increase the chance of landing critical hits. A critical hit is a hit with double damage.

Raises your max HP by 4 points for each constitution point. Also increases your HP regeneration rate.

Influences the amount of damage you do with spells and increases MP regeneration.

Inventory and items

Pressing the Q button will show and hide your inventory. You should find a hunting knife in there right now! If you place your mouse pointer over the knife you will see a little window popup that displays some information about the weapon. You can move items around by clicking and dragging the left mouse button. Items can be placed in any of the available slots in your inventory.

Having a knife is nice, but you can’t really do much with it just sitting there in your inventory. Left click the knife to equip it. The knife should move from your inventory to the weapon slot in the character details window. Equipping an item makes it active and ready for use in combat, think of your character moving the knife from his pocket into his hand. If you want to unequip the knife, simply left click it again.

You can also place items on the ground by dragging them from your inventory to the floor. Note that you can only drop items right next to you! To pickup items from the floor you can either drag them into your inventory, or simply right click them.

Some kinds of items, like gold or arrows, are stackable. This means that, instead of having each gold piece take up a slot in your inventory, one slot can hold any number of gold pieces. You can split stacks of items by holding the shift key and dragging the item to a free slot in your inventory. The split window will show up. Now type the number of items you want to take away from the original stack and press ok. You should now have two separate stacks of items.


As you move your character around you’ll see the map in the bottom right of the screen moving along with you. This mini map gives you some information about where you are. To see a bit more press the X button to open up the larger version of the map. You’ll see that most of the map is black at the moment, this is normal! You can explore these areas by going there. Once you have explored a portion of the world you can scroll around on the map by holding down the left mouse button and dragging your mouse. If you want to see more or less of the map you can resize the window by clicking and dragging the bottom right corner.

Interacting with the world

This is very simple, just point your mouse at things and click them! Things that you can interact with will have a green targeting rectangle show up when you move your mouse pointer over them, so they are easily recognizable. There are many things you can interact with, for instance: you can open doors, flip switches, talk to computer controlled characters and interact with shop owners.


Once you’ve become comfortable with moving around and equipping items you might want to start exploring outside of the safety of the village. That’s where the world really begins after all. Before you set out to start your adventure you’ll need to know about combat. The world of Zonorian is filled with all kinds of monsters, and they don’t take kindly to strangers.

To begin fighting a monster just click it! A red targeting square should appear around the monster, this means that you have successfully targeted your enemy.

The knife that you are carrying will only allow you to strike the spider from close range, so move closer to the spider, or let it come to you. As soon as you make contact you will start to see hits landing. Green number indicate damage that you’ve caused the spider, and red numbers show the damage that the spider has done to you. Always keep an eye on your HP bar, when it reaches 0 points you will die!

If you manage to kill the monster it will most likely leave behind some loot. By collecting this loot you can save up gold to buy better equipment! Monsters sometimes also drop items instead of gold, you can hold on to these, or sell them at a store.


When you get killed by a monster you will die, don’t worry though, in Zonorian death is not a permanent affair! After a couple of seconds you will be revived at a so called spawn gate.

Spawn gates can be found all over the world and you can select the one you want to respawn at by moving up to it and clicking it. If you are going on long travels always be sure to change your spawn point regularly!

Right now, dying doesn’t have any negative effects on your character. Since you are still at a low level you are protected. However, once you reach level 10 this protection will go away! When you die without protection you will leave behind a corpse when you die, this corpse will contain all of the items you had in your inventory, and it might also contain one of your equipped items. Needless to say, when you die you’ll usually have to hurry back to your corpse to retrieve your belongings! Tip: the location of your last death is marked by an X on the map!

Once you’ve located your corpse you can open it up by clicking it and take back your items. If you are in a particular hurry you can also press the space bar while standing next to the body, this will instantly recover all of the items in it!


When you’ve saved up some gold and items it becomes more and more risky to carry them with you all the time, what if you die and don’t make it back to your body in time? You might lose everything you’ve worked for so hard! Fear not, there is a solution! Banks! Every town has a bank building, talk to one of the bankers there and they will open up your bank account. Items you store here are completely safe. And they are available from any bank throughout the world!


Talking with other players is easy: press the Enter key, type your message and press the Enter key again to send. You can also choose who you want to talk to by pressing the Tab key, this will cycle between talking to everyone online, just the people in your view or just to the people standing right next to you.


As you find more and more cool items you might end up wanting to trade with other players. Of course you could trade by dropping gold and items on the ground, but that is risky business! This is why we have a safe trading mechanism. It works like this: press the T button and click on the player you want to trade with. This should open up the trading window, drag the items you want to trade into ‘You offer’ area and wait until the other guy does the same thing. Once you’ve verified that the offered item is in fact the item you expected, press the ‘Accept’ button. When you have both accepted each other offers the trade is completed and the items are swapped. Done deal!


On your travels through the world of Zonorian, you might run into players with a distinctly gray name. You’ve just met a criminal player, beware!

Players will become criminals when they attack or kill other players, or when they steal from dead bodies of other players. So if you meet one of them, they have probably been up to no good! Some different rules apply to criminal players:

Each crime you commit will earn you a number of crime points, the more crime points to longer it will take for you to lose your criminal status, and the longer you will have to stay in jail when you get killed. So, while you can steal any player’s items when they die, keep the consequences in mind!