Playing Zonorian

To play the game you will need your own account, create one right here.

After creating your account, visite the downloads page to download the game to your computer. Now you're all set!

Game controls

I haven't had time to write up a proper getting started guide yet(anyone up to the job?), but here's a quick overview of the game's controls:

WSAD - Movement
F2 - Toggle fullscreen
F3 - Toggle double size window
Q - Open inventory
Tab - Open character details
E - Toggle force attack mode (attacking non-criminal characters)
Z - Open skills window
X - Open map window
` - Open quest window
C - Toggle quickbar
0...9 - Use quickbar items
Click on monsters - Target them, stand next to them to attack
Right-click on items - Pick items up from the floor
Shift-drag items - Splitting stacks of items
Ctrl-click on items - See information about items
Ctrl-click on other players - See their equipment