The story.

Before the time of darkness, the four Gods of Eternity created the world as a place of peace and prosperity, a place called Zuptia.

Teldar, the god of all tangible, created the materials that the world would be moulded from.
Rosul took those materials and shaped creation as was the will of the Gods, the lands of Zuptia.
Eltac used the materials to bring life to the lands, placing wisdom in all created.
Keyra brought colour, emotion, and peace to all the land.

The Gods of Eternity were also called the Archspirits of Zuptia by all the Zuptians. The powers that the Archspirits released when they created a world of good, caused a disruption in the balance of good and evil. From this disruption, another god was spawned, out of the knowledge of the other four spirits. Zonor, a god of malic, corruption, and jealousy. Just as powerful as the combined might of the four gods, Zonor waged war on them, an attempt to claim the creation as his own. A war that would last nearly one thousand years.

Zonor however had a weakness, his pride, and through his pride the Archspirits were able to overtake him. They imprisoned him on the secret island of Soulshiv. The Archspirits locked Zonor away, far from the knowledge of civilization. Safe to be locked away for the rest of time, or so they thought. Feeling that Zonor was no more of a threat, they dispersed themselves to rest in sacred temples, The Four Temples of Eternity, where evil has no chance of existence, a safe haven for all.

The Archspirits had underestimated the powers of Zonor and from his prison Zonor began to manipulate the Zuptians, but in a way that seemed harmless. Zonor sought out with his mind's eye a single farmer, and he blessed the farmers crops so that they would be plentiful and good. Many were happy for the farmer and he shared his crop with the city, however, this blessing continued for years, and the farmer began to build up pride in himself. Other Zuptians saw the pride in the farmer and some were angered, others jealous, this fed the power of Zonor and his will began to spread. Using his power of manipulation, he willed a ship off course and took the mind of all those aboard, leading them to his prison.

Using those that he had corrupted, Zonor freed himself and devoured the people, feeding himself on their jealousy and hate. He captured others and transformed them into his minions, the Zonorian. The Zonorians were fierce warriors that lived under the ground, coming up when a Zuptian was near to capture or feed, this was their purpose. They captured many and multiplied in number and now the Zuptians wish not to leave their home for fear of this underground threat.

These transformations, and the power he gave to his Zonorian generals caused Zonor to lose much of his power and he was forced to take on a fleshly form, still incredibly powerful, but vulnerable.

And now this day, warriors are rising, men and women of Zuptia who are tired of living in fear, who fight the evils of the land. They seek out and kill the Zonorians. But still, Zonors power is great, and not all who start this righteous journey remain true to the path of good, many are corrupted and assist the evil god Zonor. You are starting your journey, will you hold true to the path of good, or will the dark power of Zonor corrupt you? Your destiny is in your hands now.